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    Lineup Launches 'Opportunities Enhanced' to Transform Adpoint’s CRM Experience

    Lineup Systems | Industry Analysis | 4th May 2021
    Lineup Launches 'Opportunities Enhanced' to Transform Adpoint’s CRM Experience

    BROOMFIELD, CO: Lineup Systems is excited to announce the launch of its much-anticipated 'Opportunities Enhanced' program. 

    Opportunities Enhanced is set to leverage the power of Lineup’s end-to-end sales management system, Adpoint, by enabling customers to seamlessly funnel CRM data into their OMS systems.   

    By eliminating the need to rekey information – and championing a more intuitive, better guided user experience from first contact to booking – this major update will save Adpoint customers time, reduce their admin loads, and lower the chances of human errors.

    Customers can expect:

    • Increased flexibility and customization 
    • Improved navigation 
    • Streamlined processes 
    • Smarter opportunity tracking 
    • Enhanced quote management and booking conversion tools
    • Standardized template tools for sending documentation to customers 


    Opportunities Enhanced will give customers the ability to:

    • Further embed their desired sales processes into their CRM strategy 
    • Configure detailed, fully bespoke pipeline stages, guidelines and other elements via new Opportunity templates 
    • Create and manage multiple quotes, from outlines to detailed proposals 
    • Manage all versions of your proposals in one place; see what has previously been sent or rejected, as well as your current open offerings
    • Convert quotes and quote items into bookings without rekeying information 
    • Send quotes and proposal documents directly from the system 
    • Tailor guided journeys to specific teams, therefore accounting for varying opportunity complexity in different areas of the business

    The update was introduced as a direct reaction to changing customer demands, and the team at Lineup are confident it will drive renewed interest in the value that Adpoint can bring to the media sales process. 

    “Opportunities Enhanced emerged to cater for an increased interest in, and demand for, our CRM system,” explained Nita Watkins, CRM Product Manager at Lineup.  

    She added: “We haven’t just integrated many of our customers’ ideas into the program – we have also built the system so it can continue to evolve in line with their future needs.” 

    Opportunities Enhanced is currently in its Phase 1 launch, and Lineup’s product team are preparing to roll out Phase 2 in the summer of 2021. From here, the project will take the form of an ongoing development program that will run in tandem with future updates. All new system functionality will be included with the latest Adpoint update.  

    Customers keen to find out more about Opportunities Enhanced are encouraged to contact their account managers to hear more. 


    About Lineup Systems

    Lineup Systems is the leading provider of media sales technology. Our cloud-based system, Adpoint, offers the industry’s only true end-to-end sales and revenue management solution which is powering some of the sector’s best-known media groups, including Gannett, The New York Times, Bonnier Corp., Hearst, Metro Media, Torstar, Metroland and Block Communications.  

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