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Shortening the Advertising Sales Cycle: 3 Tips

Lineup Systems | Industry Analysis | 7th November 2018

Salespeople bogged down by administration. Systems that don’t talk to each other. Client information that’s hard to get and analyze. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many of today’s media companies are facing these and other challenges – and are losing time and money as a result. In every single case, their tech is holding them back. With the right kind of automation, the advertising sales cycle can be dramatically shortened. By automating and optimizing workflows, Adpoint by Lineup Systems helps you navigate the advertising sales cycle more quickly and efficiently, from prospect and lead management, through offers and opportunities, to closed deals and referrals.

Here’s how:

1. Liberate the Sales Team Through Sales Automation

Sales teams can lose hours on administrative tasks. Hours that should be spent chasing that client or closing that deal. With modern, intuitive tools for CRM, ordering and reporting that, Adpoint reduces the time on admin through automation and helps drive sales.

For instance, with integrated dashboards for sales, budgeting, and reporting, sales managers can track everything they need at the touch of a button. Adpoint’s powerful lead generation Shortening the advertising sales cycle tools also help identify under-performing segments or upsell opportunities helping pinpoint the sales priorities.

You can establish targets against activities, set tasks for your sales teams and track their performance. A single data set across the whole pipeline eliminates tedious searching and rekeying. Manual tasks are turned into fully-automated workflows while reporting to the board becomes a matter of selecting criteria.

Liberated from time-consuming manual tasks, sales will be able to apply their talent to what they do best and manage customers through the funnel faster than ever.

2. Extend the Workflow from Lead to Billing

CRM systems, order management systems, finance systems, business intelligence systems. They all add value – but do they interact? Do they accurately reflect your processes? And are they built for media? CIOs often highlight silo systems as one of the key barriers to operational efficiency. Now imagine if it were all covered by a single solution. That’s exactly what Adpoint delivers.

Adpoint is designed from the ground up to cover all areas of the sales cycle, with a 100% focus on media. It helps companies to create an end-to-end operational workflow which takes in the entire cycle and shortens it as a result. Within seconds, you can check the inventory, book an order, send a request and generate an invoice. Fully automated output from the sale onward fast-tracks the process and slashes the margin for error.

All data resides on the same system and can be consulted in real time. With 360-degree visibility, you can create custom reports on performance, revenue or trends, to enable informed management decisions – and truly take control of your business.

3. Support the Mobile Sales Force

Sales automation tools and efficient workflows are great but, first, you need to close those sales. One of the greatest obstacles to a shortened sales cycle is a lack of tech support for sales teams in the field. They might be mobile, but they need the same kind of access to systems and data as office-based staff.

Adpoint’s cloud-based infrastructure means it can be accessed anywhere, any time. To extend its functionality to mobile users, the Adpoint Go App interface puts the power of CRM in the palm of their hand. Designed to meet the needs of salespeople on the road, it allows them to manage their accounts, access client data, generate quotes, approve orders and more – in real time, from their smartphone or tablet.

They can even plan their route with GPS integration. With Adpoint Go, your sales force can face their prospects with confidence. As far as Adpoint is concerned, it doesn’t matter where they are.

Sales automation, end-to-end operational efficiency, and instant access: three smart ways in which Adpoint shortens the advertising sales cycle.