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5 Ways to Ensure Your Team Gets the Most Out of Every Ad Order

Lineup Systems | Industry Analysis | 10th August 2015

Major media companies are demanding new prospects and deeper margins from their ad sales departments—but they aren’t getting the results they expect. In fact, just 1% of local media leaders “strongly agree” that their sales reps are doing a good job selling online advertising. 

As they push for results and efficiency, media companies overlook the very tangible factors that are stopping their sales talent from succeeding

Speed expectations and workload demands are some of the biggest barriers to success for your sales department. It’s easy for media companies to fall out-of-touch with the realities of modern sales—for instance, did you know that, on average, your salespeople spend just 1/3 of their days actually talking to prospects? The rest of their time is filled with writing emails (21%), entering data (17%), researching leads (17%), attending meetings (12%), and scheduling calls (12%). 

On top of tight deadlines, constant demands on their time and energy, and outcome expectations that amplify each year, salespeople must contend with ferocious competition: Salesforce reports that a full 57% of salespeople expect to fall short of their quota this year. How can you better support your sales superheroes? Here are five factors to consider.

1. Use technology to empower.

This year, worldwide tech investment is projected to reach almost $4 trillion, a statistic that will touch virtually every industry in the world. 89% of businesses are planning to grow their technology budgets in 2019 with an average reported IT budget increase of 20%. It’s easy to see that businesses are targeting tech as the answer to their biggest corporate headaches. 

A CRM solution with visibility across all possible ad channels will empower your team to identify and pursue cross-channel ad opportunities that will boost both each client’s campaign reach and your bottom line. AdPoint may be the CRM solution you need to put supportive technology within reach for your talented sales department. 


2. Defend team collaboration. 


If you aren’t uniting your departments in pursuit of a single goal, you’re leaving money on the table—and you may be alienating your top performers in the process. According to Bit.ai, 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration as a contributor to workplace challenges. 33% of employees say collaboration makes them more company loyal, and 33% of millennials expect collaborative workspaces. Sales is no bubble: as Salesforce reports, 77% of salespeople value collaboration and 73% claim collaboration is critical to their outcomes

Pursue a CRM solution that allows for visibility and communication across your entire organization, including sales, and commit to making collaboration a true company-wide priority.


3. Equip your sales team with powerful client data.


As your clients place their orders, they may not be thinking about the seasonal and event-driven opportunities right at their fingertips across multiple ad channels. Salesforce reports that only 46% of sales reps feel that they have the data they need to effectively engage and convert prospects. 

Helping your sales staff to seamlessly identify and present opportunities could make all the difference. Stronger seasonal opportunity and client event tracking is within reach with AdPoint. Give your sales team the notifications they want, when they want them—automatically


4. Keep your ad rates straight.


58% of your buyers want to discuss pricing on the first sales call. It’s challenging for your sales team to meet that expectation when they face the risk of re-engaging clients to tell them that the ad they just booked will cost far more than they thought. Commit to an ad sales solution that has the capability to track real-time rate changes and ensure that your team is never caught off guard again. 


5. Renew your commitment to transparency. 


Does your CRM deliver up-to-the-minute sales tracking dashboards so that your management team is always aware of your sales staff’s weekly, monthly, and yearly trajectory? You owe it to your stakeholders and your top performers to commit to performance tracking transparency

A high-performance advertising and sales solution like Lineup System’s AdPoint could mean the difference between exceeding your ad revenue goals and regularly letting prime opportunities pass you by. Our collaborative media tools can be hosted, cloud-hosted, or locally installed to help you instantly and powerfully streamline advertising operations, improve transparency, and increase profits. 

Learn from some of the largest international publishers on Earth, including Gannett, Metro International, News Corp Australia, News UK, Time Inc., Time Out, Abu Dhabi Media, and Grupo Expansión. Schedule your Adpoint demo today and prepare to revolutionize your sales capabilities.