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Yes, You Can Book Events With Adpoint! (Here's How)

Sarah Hartland | Industry Analysis | 7th November 2019
Yes, You Can Book Events With Adpoint! (Here's How)


While we love writing about multi-channel ad sales, the truth is that in some scenarios, all you really need is a single-channel solution. Because Adpoint is designed to be flexible for your business, managing orders for a specific channel, such as events, is incredibly easy and versatile. Best of all, you can still enjoy the benefits of a combined CRM, OMS, finance and analytics solution, even when only utilizing single-channel functionality.

Whether selling events is a part of your larger strategy or the core focus of your business, read on to learn how Adpoint can help streamline your entire process.



Highlights of Adpoint for Events

    • Preconfigure sponsorship packages for easy guided selling
    • Create base packages with required and optional add-ons (see demo below)
    • Easily plan space and manage physical and digital inventory in one system
    • Sell marketing services related to your event, and easily identify upsell opportunities
    • Coordinate sales and booking processes to reduce errors and adjustments
    • Make order amendments at any time (important for events that are planned far in advance!)
    • Send proposals and collect contract signatures automatically, thanks to built-in Digital eSignatures functionality
    • Increase year-over-year sales by leveraging lead generation tools to identify repeat sponsorship opportunities
    • Integrate with payment portal to automate billing and collections


How to Book Events with Adpoint

Adpoint’s bundling feature (called multimedia packages) is perfect for events. It allows event producers to set up pre-defined sponsorship packages that can include an endless variety of options. Sales reps enjoy this “guided selling” approach (which research suggests yields the greatest results) and can customize packages with add-ons later.

Let’s say a customer wants to purchase your silver-level event sponsor package, plus the AV package and an email sponsorship. With Adpoint Packages, this can be achieved in less than 2 minutes, without sacrificing details or quality. Booking and billing even the most detailed event order is seamless with Adpoint, and integrated payment automation options make the process the best in the market.

See a short demo video below:


Getting Started - Schedule a Custom Demo

Whether you’re adding events into your multi-channel approach or looking for a solution for your events business, Adpoint can help. Getting started is easy, simply book a custom demo and we’ll gladly walk you through your unique use cases. Contact us now to learn more.

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