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At Lineup Systems we respond to what the media industry demands. The 100% web based design of our advertising sales solution AdPoint enables us to deploy powerful tools that give media companies greater transparency, capability, flexibility and responsiveness to grow their advertising business:

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Who we are: Lineup is the fastest-growing company in our sector globally with over 100% year-on-year growth. Our international team are all media industry professionals who understand our media clients’ strategic and commercial objectives and provide insight and technical solutions that help to achieve these.

Dynamic Advertising: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

There is a lot of buzz in the media industry right now around dynamic and programmatic advertising. From a marketing standpoint, it seems to be the next evolution in how to find your customer at the exact point of decision. Think of it in the terms of advanced weaponry for savvy marketers. The old way, or native advertising as we call it, was like carpet-bombing. An ad is placed; aiming at a general area, hoping it will hit the mark. And you needed a high number of views in order to find your target. In contrast, new digital tactics are much more related to a smart bomb with GPS seeking technology, capable of flying into an open window if needed. The ad is targeted, or better yet triggered, by a specific demographic, buying decision, or action. This ensures minimal collateral damage (unneeded ad spend) and it hits the mark with precision timing. This is dynamic advertising.

Top 5 Ways to Ensure Your Team Gets the Most Out of Every Ad Order

Major media companies are constantly on the lookout for new and deeper margins from their ad sales departments. But often times, the workload and speed required to keep up with the day-to-day sales objectives just doesn’t lend itself to staying innovative with supplementary sales revenues that might be left on the table. We see it everyday.

Michael Mendoza speaks to Pre-Media Newsletter about industry challenges

Lineup CEO Michael Mendoza has spoken exclusively to the influential German and English media industry magazine ‘Pre-Media Newsletter’ about current industry challenges. In the article Michael discusses the issues, risks and opportunities for media companies to grow advertising revenues against the context of transitioning audience preferences, namely the divergence from print to multi-channel content.


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