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    Automated Payment Portal for Publishers

    Pay4media is a self-service payment portal that can integrate seamlessly with all major order management and finance systems to deliver the most advanced automation of your collection processes in the market. Tailored for today’s multimedia world, it provides advertisers with a quick, easy and secure way to settle payments for ad orders – and publishers with the ability to handle collections faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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    For Publishers

    Managing invoices, collecting payments and ensuring that sales and order systems reflect the correct information is a time-consuming job. Pay4media is built with the publisher in mind, automating tedious billing and collections tasks so your team is freed up to handle what's most important. Designed so you can "set it and forget it," Pay4media automatically recognizes orders, creates and sends invoices, and can collect payment immediately. Best of all, for publishers using Adpoint, it can be set up in as little as one week.

    From order to invoice to payment, using Pay4media with Adpoint makes the entire process seamless and eliminates the need for entering data in multiple places. Tailored for today’s multimedia world, it provides publishers with the ability to handle collections faster and
    more efficiently than ever before.

    Pay4media is designed to be easy for publishers to use and maintain, and convenient for advertisers to use. When used with Adpoint, data is synched seamlessly and automatically, making it feel as though you're using a single system. 

    You only pay for customers that actually use the portal, so you can decide which customers to invite and which to communicate with directly. 

    Functionality is "plug and play" when used with Adpoint, ensuring a speedy set up so you can realize the benefits in just a few days. 

    For Advertisers

    Advertisers enjoy simpler-than-ever payment options with Pay4media. They can create an account to manage invoices from several publishers, or use Quick Pay to take care of an invoice immediately.

    It’s important to make it easy to do business with you, and advertisers will appreciate the accessibility and features of Pay4media. With Pay4media, they can manage payments for multiple publishers, all in one place.

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    Pay4media is the only payment portal for advertisers on the market that allows them to pre-schedule campaign payments. This convenience saves time and headaches later on and ensures advertisers can execute ongoing campaigns efficiently. 

    Email notifications ensure advertisers never miss communication from within the portal. Available notifications include:

    • invoice available
    • requests for pre-payment
    • confirmations
    • query or dispute statuses

    Handle issues directly from the portal. No more emails and phone calls back and forth to resolve an issue with an invoice or request. 



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