Sales pipeline activity, proposals, lead generation, year-on-year revenue trends, and individual sales performance — AdPoint delivers an activity overview at the touch of a button.

100% real-time and web-based data allowing customized decision-making and reports.

Improves transparency between sales, finance, and management.

Track advertising-spend behavior year on year.

Monitor movement between clients and agency relationships.

An instant, comprehensive view

AdPoint’s customizable reports and dashboards make it easy to get the analytics you want. Using AdPoint Analytics, management will have an instant view of the performance of the company with the monthly and daily dashboards in AdPoint, compared against prior years’ budgets. Each aspect of the dashboard can be analyzed using the built-in reports in AdPoint. Additional dashboards are available to compare the performance of a single organization against organizations in the group.

Organize your reports using any factor within AdPoint. For example, you can see how much your clients are spending by agency, region, brand, or market sector. The reporting module can group and sort results to give the exact business intelligence needed to make informed decisions. You can also understand where your clients are spending money. AdPoint can report on the profiles of your existing clients and show to which publications or channels they are spending money, and when and how they rank among other clients in the system.

All sales activities can be tracked with AdPoint’s feature-rich Customer Relations Management system. Sales representatives enter their activities into the system on a daily basis. These are then synchronized with Microsoft Exchange so sales representatives receive email notifications and alerts when an activity is due. Activities are also fed into the dashboard monitors for sales management in real-time, giving full visibility into sales activities. To save time, AdPoint automatically generates weekly and monthly reports for one-on-one and team meetings for reviewing sales activities.

AdPoint also tracks upcoming opportunities that will contribute to the forecast. It provides the sales rep with a professional and intelligent proposal that can be emailed to the client or agency. Each rep can automate all of the weekly and monthly reports for meetings with the sales manager. The system is quick and gives sales reps a professional approach to their clients.

Sales management can understand where their clients are spending money and how to improve sales. AdPoint automatically generates weekly and monthly reports for one-on-one and team meetings for reviewing sales activities.

Case in Point

Metro Toronto has experienced a 64% decrease in credit notes.

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