Increase booking speed and accuracy with AdPoint’s web-based, cross-media advertising and event solution — for all types and each media channel.

Accurately book across all media channels using real-time inventory data.

Reduced invoice queries with accurate multi-channel invoicing.

Real-time workflows and processes with automatic sales package discovery.

Integrates with any digital ad-serving platform and third-party system.

Multiple Media Channels

AdPoint integrates with all major accounting and ad-serving solutions and uniquely offers the capability to book a single order across multiple media channels, such as a combined print, broadcast, and digital advertising campaigns.


  • Cross-channel booking using rich media-specific booking capabilities into a single order with individual or consolidated invoicing
  • Campaign sales covering the complex relationships between multiple sales reps and clients including accurately reflecting revenue splits and commissions
  • Packages including elements from any media channel, internally recognizing revenue accurately while presenting single or itemized pricing to the client
  • Automatic approval workflow including discount, NPPP/yield, credit control, and space-availability check points
  • Inventory management specific for all media channels allowing real-time visibility for sales reps for availability and management for ad density
  • Flexible ad targeting for digital campaigns that automatically converts to sales packages as the specific targeting profile frequency increases
  • Digital ad-server agnostic allowing AdPoint to integrate into any ad-serving solution for digital ads including Google DFP, ADTECH, and Open AdStream
  • Automated spot planning for broadcast commercials including material rotation and placement based on inventory availability and audience targeting
  • Material management for all media channels including multiple materials for single ad placements for rotations and A/B splits
  • Classified ad builder for agents and self-service users to build liner and semi-display classified ads – fully integrated into the classified booking module
  • Contract management tracking the volume and net amount of sales including custom pricing for market segments, customer, and agencies

AdPoint integrates with accounting, ad serving, and broadcast transmission systems and uniquely offers the capability to book a single order across multiple media channels, such as a combined print and web advertising campaign.

AdPoint Booking covers the following media channels and booking profiles:

  • Print — display advertisement
  • Print — semi-display classified and liner
  • Digital — impression based (CPM, CPA, CPC, CPL)
  • Digital — time based
  • Digital — sponsorship
  • Digital — mobile and tablet
  • Broadcast — spot based, program, time, value group
  • Broadcast — audience based
  • Events — exhibitor booking
  • Events — street promotions
  • Events — distribution actions
  • Outdoor — digital out of home
  • Outdoor — time and location-based billboard

Case in Point

Abu Dhabi Media experienced a 23% decrease in discounts.

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