Imagine the world’s best CRM features focused only on your industry; and then imagine all that built with your company in mind.
This is AdPoint.

Focused on advertising sales led media companies.

Helps sales reps sell at a consistently high level with no sales dips.

Automatic opportunity and pipeline management to improve forecasting.

Increases collaboration between sales reps and teams.

Built for media companies

Your sales team can identify opportunities and then generate leads from anywhere in the world. They can do this because AdPoint was built for media companies, specifically for advertising sales, and it promotes industry best practices for the entire sales process.

AdPoint CRM features will yield a positive return on investment within the first year due to the following features:

  • Social networking to allow collaboration between AdPoint users and automatic sharing of sales activities through personal and customer walls
  • Tracking sales activity including budgets, targets, commissions, tasks, meetings, proposals, opportunities, leads, conversion rates, and much, much more
  • Cross-channel and multi-regional sales are increased by CRM activity and opportunity collaboration between separate teams
  • Lead generation for automated lead lists, one click hit lists, lead list tracking, which leads to increased calls, meetings, proposals and increased conversion rates
  • Opportunity and pipeline management allowing sales reps to quickly track their opportunities with automatic pipeline updates when bookings are made
  • Email campaign management to create targeted email marketing lists. Responses from clients automatically create follow-up activities for sales reps
  • Hyper local sales using iPad and GPS to target local retail sales opportunities including two-way real-time updates in AdPoint from sales reps in the field
  • Proposal and opportunity tracking with automatically updated pipeline management
  • Sales management and coaching using AdPoint’s built-in Sales Board to help sales reps sell at a consistently high level with no sales dips
  • Sales process workflow and approval
  • Document management allows users to upload documents to customer, opportunities, contracts, and orders
  • Market segmentation analysis to provide insight into poor performing segments to generate customer hit lists
  • Automatic notification for expiring campaigns and cyclical business opportunties
  • Automatic comparison to industry reports & find opportunities with poor performing customers, segments, or sections
  • Real-time reporting helps users make fast and smart business decisions
  • Real-time inventory information showing space availability and automatically notifying sales reps of upcoming available premium placements

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