AdPoint Finance is a fully integrated credit control, invoicing, and cash management module for finance managers and directors.

Ad-approval workflow by credit, discount, and media channel yield.

Automatic or manual revenue recognition for all media channels.

Multi-channel billing in one invoice, generated with 100% accuracy.

Multi-country, multi-currency, and multi-tax support.

Manage the financial aspects

Whether you choose to use the built-in features for data entry, or drive it from your existing accounting system, AdPoint can help you manage all of the financial aspects of the advertising sales process.

In addition, AdPoint Analytics is fully integrated with AdPoint Finance to provide finance managers with real-time accurate reporting. Combined with AdPoint’s workflow tools, the finance team has total transparency into the business. The ad approval workflow can be setup to conditionally check for credit approval, discount, or yield (ECPM, NPPP, NPPB) based on the customer, market segment, edition, site, station etc. Using the built-in features of AdPoint, the workflow can be set up in less than 10 minutes and deliver total confidence that nothing slips through the system.

AdPoint Finance gives you all of the tools that you will need to stay on top of invoicing, debtors, blacklists, and more. Built-in features help the finance team ensure all invoices are generated with 100% accuracy to limit invoice queries/disputes. AdPoint lets you configure how product descriptions appear on the invoice, how to bundle ads, mix or separate line items from different media channels, and conditional invoicing formats.

Automatic or manual revenue recognition gives the finance team a helping hand. Each ad can have a custom or automatic revenue recognition schedule applied by the finance team. This means that you have fewer adjustments in your accounting process for things such as online display ads or long-term campaigns with complex ad bookings.

Plus AdPoint supports multi-country, multi-currency, and multi-tax situations.

Reduce invoice queries

AdPoint Finance provides accurate product descriptions across all media channels, including packages, and is consistent from sales proposals all the way through to invoicing.

Control discounts. When sales reps use a package deal or discount to sell a campaign, the finance team can assess the discount amount to determine profitability. AdPoint automatically flags up sales that may break the preset discount levels for the organization and escalates these orders through an approval process. The sales manager gets a full view of the total order, showing the actual discount including free ads. The profile of the deal can be seen at a glance and an electronic approval/rejection with feedback can be sent to the sales rep. (Requires AdPoint booking module)

Case in Point

Metro Mexico experienced a 72% decrease in credit notes.

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