Combined with lead generation and marketing newswires, AdPoint Social is a full-featured, social-networking platform specifically developed for an advertising-sales operation.

The only media advertising collaboration tool that automatically posts messages that highlight opportunities to increase sales.

Automatically gives managers and peers updates on the activities and sales of reps in their team or across the group.

Encourages communications across multiple sales teams and/or geographic locations.

Automatically highlights activities that have an up-sell opportunity — increasing cross media and cross-media sales.

Post, share, and explore

AdPoint Social is a platform upon which media sales teams can collaborate on opportunities. It combines internal posts, booking and activity information, and external sources of information into a single place for sales reps and managers to collaborate. Users can link to their favorite news or social feed to bring in external sales information right to their AdPoint Social wall, to bring in new sales leads, or to just stay current on their sales segment. It allows sales, marketing, and collaborators to engage through customer opportunities and their own social walls. Members of the AdPoint Social community can post, share, and explore opportunities together creating better visibility throughout the sales and marketing organization.

Our customers are constantly seeking ways to maximize revenue opportunities across different and often competing media channels. Many face the challenges of managing customer interactions across multiple sales teams and geographic locations, where collaboration is key. Lineup’s response is the creation of AdPoint Social, where sales executives, sales managers, and contributors can network, share customer opportunities, and identify and develop emerging prospects through teamwork.

What makes it unique are the capabilities that come from the integration with the AdPoint modules. AdPoint Social automatically notifies users, through the familiar wall-style interface, about relevant upcoming sales meetings with other media channels or regions. New proposals or bookings for customers or users that you are following are displayed, interesting analytics relating to your customers, potential problems with upcoming bookings, and much more. In addition, users can attach documents and comment on any automatic or manually created post. AdPoint Social eliminates the unproductive chatter and focuses your team on increasing sales.

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