Request for Proposal Template & Writing Guide

After answering hundreds of RFPs from media organizations all around the world, we've seen a wide variety of RFP styles and focuses. Combining the best formatting and most comprehensive questions, we've created a comprehensive RFP template that you can edit for your organization's specific needs. We've also included a copy of "The Complete Guide to Writing an RFP Based on Your Goals" to help you evaluate systems with your larger goals in mind. Together, these two resources will help you brainstorm what you should ask vendors and notice potential gaps in your existing infastructure. 

Download the Template & eBook


Inside the RFP Template

Creating a comprehensive RFP can be an intimidating task; our goal is to make it simpler. We’ve organized this template with a different tab per business area, and the ability to highlight questions that pertain to specific business goals. There are also tips throughout the ‘vendor response’ section to help you evaluate vendor responses later. Inside, you’ll see questions to help you evaluate:

  • Vendor Background information (is this company a good fit for your organization’s needs and culture?)
  • Services & Support questions to help you understand what level of support you can expect from each vendor
  • System Admin evaluation to ensure you know upfront how many settings and permissions you can configure internally
  • Integration details so you know which of your systems can be integrated with your new solution
  • Order Management System evaluation questions spanning inventory & pricing, print, digital, reporting and billing requirements

Bonus: The Complete Guide to Writing an RFP Based on Your Business Goals


Even with a helpful template to get you started, writing an RFP can be a daunting task. While the template provided will get you thinking about features and requirements, it is also important to remember that RFPs provide an opportunity to assess how a new solution fits into your organization’s overall goals.

Whether you’re focused on achieving scalability or reducing costs, start with the end in mind. There are three common goals we see from organizations we work with: increasing efficiency, achieving scalability, and reducing costs. This guide will teach you how to ensure your RFP writing process takes these into consideration from the very beginning.