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    6-Step Roadmap to Optimizing Your Subscription Strategy

    In this whitepaper, our contributors cover the subscription economy. As a panel of experts they are here to shed light on the current status of the economy as well as the future of the subscription model. With the information and guides included, you will be able to set your organization up for success by growing your subscription base and revenue.


    The Complete Guide to Writing an RFP: Evaluating Order Management Systems Based on Your Goals

    When the time comes to replace one or more software solutions in your tech stack, the process of getting your entire organization together to confirm what’s needed can be daunting. That's why we’ve taken the guess work out of RFP writing for you, with a simple to understand and easy to edit RFP template that you can send to several vendors.


    7 Unavoidable Subscription Trends You Need to Follow in 2021

    From the interventions of artificial intelligence to the resurging possibility of monetizing local media, we’ve collected the top seven subscription trends most likely to impact your business in 2021, and seven actions you can take now to leverage them.


    REPORT: Combined Revenue Models Gaining Traction in Media Industry

    Lineup worked with Adweek to ask over a hundred senior media executives about their biggest challenges and future plans for tackling them. This research revealed key insights into how media organizations are preparing for the future despite an uncertain climate.


    Preparing for the End of Cookies: 7 Steps Publishers Should Take

    Over a third of publishers admit they aren't ready for the demise of third-party cookies. You've already read the commentary about "the death of cookies" over the last two years but perhaps it hasn't been clear what organisations should actually do to prepare for this. In this eBook we've cut to the chase to share what you really need to do to ensure your business is ready for this change.


    8 Things Every Publisher Must Do to Make Ad Buying Easy [Infographic]

    To make advertising planning and purchasing easy and seamless requires preparation on the part of publishers. How can you tell if you’re hitting the mark? This checklist will help.


    Breaking Bad Digital Sales Performance: How to Empower Sales With the Insight They Need to Succeed

    While having top sales talent is critical to successfully pivoting into digital selling, local media companies not will succeed by effective staffing alone. What they need in addition to talent are tools that deliver ‘digital insight’ – insight that fuels new sales strategies and tactics. The key to crossing the digital divide is timely and accurate information – intelligence that provides the digital insight today’s media sales reps need to succeed.


    Selling to Your Sales Team: How to Ensure System and Process Adoption

    A disconnect between decision-makers and end-users can mean that an organization never truly solves its business challenges, and a new software solution may be wrongly labeled as the source of the problem. Thankfully, there are three ways to prevent this from happening - and this free eBook will walk you through each of them, with tips and tricks along the way.


    2020 Digital Advertising Trends: Predictions for Publishers

    The digital advertising industry will continue to shift toward new technologies in 2020, and publishers and advertisers must evolve to stay top of mind with consumers. In our new white paper, ‘2020 Digital Advertising Trends: Predictions for Publishers,’ you’ll gain clarity on which innovations signal trends to watch rather than passing fads.


    7 Sneaky Ways Your Ad Tech is Costing You Sales and How to Stop the Bleed

    Even some of the biggest and most successful media brands in the world are relying on outdated technology, resulting in time (and money) lost over time. The truth is, “small” inefficiencies of these outdated technologies aren’t small at all. Instead, little hurdles and minor time sucks add up to significant waste. The good news is, just a few small changes can result in big gains. These are seven ways your sales technology could be costing you time- and sales- and the simple solutions.


    Competing with Big Tech: 4 Strategies to Win More Sales

    The relationship between Google and news media publishers has historically been symbiotic. But over the past decade, this relationship has evolved with the potential for Big Tech to manipulate ad buyers who base their strategies and budgets on certain expectations, only to have the platforms change the rules of the game to extract more ad spend is increasing. We’ve long advocated for a consultative selling approach toward ad sales, and now is a fantastic opportunity to discuss the following points with prospects.


    A-Z Glossary of Digital Advertising Terms

    As digital advertising continues to rapidly evolve, so does the vocabulary. Even the most interested among us can have a hard time keeping up. Whether you’re new to the world of digital advertising and programmatic or a seasoned pro, this glossary is designed as a go-to resource you can return to in moments of confusion (or curiosity!).


    US Media Giant Gannett Partners With Lineup to Deliver Financial Transformation

    Gannett's willingness to innovate, to push the boundaries of media and technology capabilities, is never more evident than when Gannett faced the challenge of how best to merge a long history of wisely-chosen acquisitions and forward-thinking management approaches – with their disparate ordering systems, workflows and processes – to achieve operational excellence. Utilizing one unified billing, invoicing and accounts receivable solution through Adpoint was the key to the puzzle.


    The Spectator Fast-Tracks Its Advertising Sales Transformation

    Similar to many modern multichannel media companies, The Spectator's legacy, disparate technology was proving a hindrance rather than a help. When it decided to invest in advertising sales technology, it looked to Lineup Systems for help.In just three months Adpoint’s end-to-end advertising sales solution was implemented and reduce sales administration, sped up the entire sales process, and for the first time had a single, global revenue perspective and real-time actionable intelligence for new sales, customers and market opportunities.


    Leading Marketing Services Company Admeira Selects Adpoint to Achieve Ad Sales and Operational Performance Uplift

    Switzerland’s largest marketing company, has selected Adpoint as its system of choice for helping to deliver improved sales and operational performance across the business. Adpoint’s cloud-based SaaS solution will provide Admeira with a complete solution for the entire media sales journey – from order creation to final billing stage – to help transform how the organization sells, delivers and serves its ever-growing customer base.


    KM Media Group Leads the Way in Multimedia Advertising With Adpoint

    Key to KM's success in recent years has been its pioneering approach to multimedia advertising. Recognizing early on the potential of an audience-focused, multi-channel sales offering, it sought a technology partner that could provide it with the agility, functionality and crosschannel capability to make this evolution. This partner was Lineup Systems.


    Metro US Takes Flight: The Fourth Largest Daily Newspaper in the US Pilots Its Business With Adpoint by Lineup Systems

    A key element of the company’s transformation and ability to increase its efficiency has been the implementation of Adpoint, an advertising sales solution from Lineup Systems that manages every aspect of the advertising sales process – from lead generation to cash collections. The system serves as the backbone of its commercial operations, enabling the company to manage its advertising booking, approval, invoicing, and reporting across all of its channels with one system.


    How TI Media Is Keeping Pace With Digital Transformation

    Today, TI Media has a streamlined sales department that can sell solutions across its entire portfolio of titles and platforms. The company achieved this gain in efficiency by implementing Adpoint by Lineup, a cloud-based media sales solution that was developed to manage and simplify multichannel advertising sales. Adpoint enables sales reps from TI Media to book advertising across multiple titles and platforms with a single interaction. As a result, TI Media can deliver seamless cross-channel advertising experiences to their customers.


    10 Digital Advertising Trends to Look for in 2019

    New technologies and new ways to use them are the hottest topics in the industry year-round. Distinguishing between fad and trend is crucial if publishers and brands are to avoid running after every shiny new toy and gimmick. There are several digital advertising trends that are more than fleeting ideas; these ten trends are on the rise and here to stay in 2019 and beyond.


    Abu Dhabi Media Uses Adpoint to Analyze Data and Speed Business Decision-Making

    Key financial aspects of the ADM operation are briefly highlighted by using the native reports available in Adpoint. This report and analysis required 8 hours to compose using ADM’s existing AdPoint tools.


    TMG installs a cross-platform advertising platform across 100 titles in 12 weeks

    TMG lacked a cohesive solution across the group to bring its advertising operations together and whilst being a complex organisation, needed a solution that could be implemented quickly according to the exacting deadlines of a company-wide business transformation process.