2020 Digital Advertising Trends: Predictions for Publishers

Which digital advertising trends from 2019 are here to stay? Based on industry analysis, our customer's innovative ideas and expert input, we've compiled a list of ten predictions for 2020. Inside this guide, you'll find commentary on innovations that are here to stay, and how publishers are taking advantage of them headed into a new decade.

Download 2020 Trend Predictions


Inside the guide, you'll find 10 predictions about which digital advertising trends will most affect publishers this year, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence driving ROI for publishers

  • How voice search will impact media companies

  • Implications of global data privacy laws

  • How the US election will affect ad spend

  • Podcasting and programmatic

  • Will the streaming video bubble pop in 2020?

  • Reporting on streaming audio advertising

  • Innovations in media personalization

  • Creative subscription models that will thrive in 2020

  • Can publishers compete with walled gardens?