Break the Cycle of Bad Information, Bad Leads and Poor Sales Performance

What you need (in addition to talent) are tools that deliver digital insight - insight that fuels new sales strategies and tactics.

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  • Top 10 challenges media companies are battling today
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  • The tools sales professionals need to understand customer perspective

Learn how to empower your digital sales team with the insight they need to succeed.

According to a new report from the Local Media Association (LMA)*, only 1% of local media leaders strongly agree that their sales reps do a good job when it comes to selling online advertising. That’s 1 person out of 130 local media leaders surveyed.

Most survey respondents believe that a human capital problem – recruitment, retention, and training of digital media talent – is a large part of what is holding them back from online ad sales. But it’s our belief that the failure to pivot to online ad selling is not only about a lack of sales talent; it’s also about media companies not having the right insight required to fuel online ad selling.

*LMA’s report “The Big Disconnect in Local Media: How Can We Fix It?” published February 2018