Lineup Systems draws on its extensive cross-channel media and IT expertise to offer a range of professional services to our media partners.

Whether it is working in cooperation with a partner to create a project-delivery plan, utilizing our experience with data convergence to migrate and represent legacy data within our AdPoint solution, or offering best-practice sales and change-management consultancy, we shape our offerings based on our partners’ requirements and performance expectations.

Systems Integration


AdPoint’s open architecture and 100% web-based design provide unrivaled flexibility and ease of integration with any third-party sales, production, document management, or accounting system, such as Google DFP, Salesforce, Outlook, or DispoCloud, enabling media companies to create high-performance, optimally customized, end-to-end advertising systems.

Its fluent ad-server integration provides real-time data that enables sales reps to check inventory instantly while on-site with a client. Cooperation and transparency between sales, IT, finance, and management is increased through automation, minimizing errors and duplication, and delivering insights that empower profitable decision-making in fast-paced media companies such as Telegraaf mediagroep, News UK, and Metro International. AdPoint offers media companies the best third-party integration capabilities to help sell more advertising, reduce operating costs, and maximize profits.

We are happy to discuss and estimate integration requirements with media partners and have extensive experience of integrating with finance systems, third-party CRM solutions, PCI-compliant credit card payment solutions, production systems, online ad serving, broadcast playout, circulation and subscriptions’ systems, and data warehouses.

System Deployment

We work with our media partners to develop and agree on pragmatic project plans and milestones. We have extensive experience in all aspects of deployment and can offer Prince2 Certified Project Management resources.

Our deployment specialists have domain expertise in:

  • Integration
  • Report writing
  • Channel configuration, rate card set up, user access, and permissions
  • Data migration and conversion

As media owners’ requirements differ, we also undertake custom AdPoint development on behalf of our customers.


While Lineup courses are typically delivered as part of system introduction, we also believe it is important to evaluate user adoption and systems usage post implementation to ensure KPIs are met and usage and processes are consistent.  For this reason, we offer post-implementation coaching for individuals and teams in each of the areas listed to the left.


We provide full training curricula for:

  • AdPoint Advertising Booking
  • AdPoint Advertising Management
  • AdPoint for Finance Users
  • AdPoint for Production Users
  • AdPoint Reporting
  • AdPoint CRM
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