Adpoint Plus

Our Adpoint Plus program offers optional extras for customers that complements Adpoint’s core end-to-end advertising sales and management functionality.


Adpoint Solution Self-Service

Adpoint Self-Service is intuitive and easy-to-use. It books an order, builds the content, and processes the payment - there is no rekeying data and no operational management required at any stage in the process.

Adpoint Self-Service provides advertisers with templates, ad customization, automated layout resizing, order upgrades, and flexible package ordering. Advertisers using the solution have real-time access to account information and discounting. Additionally, media companies can easily customize Adpoint Self-Service to reflect their brand.

Features + Benefits:

  • An intuitive booking process that includes access to real-time account information
  • Supports private advertisers, trade customers, and agencies
  • A quick and easy-to-maintain open-source portal interface
  • Offers flexible and customizable discount structures
  • Easily integrates with credit card and payment gateways
  • Provides user-friendly performance and trend reports
  • Requires no IT overhead

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Adpoint for Salesforce

Combine the power of Salesforce CRM with the end-to-end, multi-channel sales and order management of Adpoint. As an official Salesforce ISV partner, Lineup Systems has developed Adpoint for Salesforce to offer media businesses a complete solution for advertising sales management, from initial lead generation to order and final billing, within a single interface.

Features + Benefits

  • Ready-to-go SaaS solution, with no custom development
  • Proven deployment in leading media groups
  • A consistent user experience throughout the advertising sales process
  • Real-time, bi-directional synchronization for seamless operation
  • Multi-channel – digital, print, broadcast, events and outdoor advertising
  • Consistent reporting of all aspects of the media sales and booking operation
  • Agile – updates every 6-8 weeks to help you leverage the latest media trends

Available now on the Salesforce App Exchange


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Salesforce Integration


Adpoint Workflow

Adpoint Workflow simplifies complex advertising workflows for media companies selling multi-media advertising by systemizing and mapping their order-to-billing business processes, reducing order processing times and increasing operational efficiencies.

The solution automates redundant, manual tasks based on pre-defined standard operating procedures (SOPs) enabling media companies to quickly and accurately process orders. It also automatically applies rules and transitions to orders that do not require manual intervention, allowing advertising sales teams to focus on managing orders that are complex or custom, which typically generate more revenue.

Features + Benefits:

  • Automate order processing
  • Improve customer service and response times
  • Identify and eliminate redundant, manual processes associated with the same task
  • Increase team collaboration by automating SOPs
  • Deliver order accuracy through error elimination
  • Achieve consistent outcomes on repetitive tasks
  • Process orders faster and more cost effectively with automated transitions

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Adpoint e-Connect

Order confirmations, invoices, credit notes, statements of account, e-tearsheets – advertising sales involves generating and issuing a lot of paperwork. Adpoint eConnect makes it easy, offering a single, seamless mail server for automated dispatch of all your important customer documents. It's quick to set up, it's reliable and it can help finalize bookings and achieve faster payment.

Features + Benefits

  • One single and seamless mail server for automated dispatch of all Adpoint order management documents
  • Fast and simple deployment and configuration – we can get you up and running in just 2 days
  • Reliable and efficient – we take all the hassle out of ongoing support and return mail handling

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Salesforce Integration

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