A Single View of Supply and Demand – All from One System.

No more screen-switching. No more delays. Our order management solution delivers unprecedented operational agility by allowing you to take control of all bookings, across all channels, from the same platform.

Trusted by over 4,800 brands worldwide, Adpoint OMS is the only cloud-based omnichannel order management solution on the market. Its unique end-to-end functionality ensures that your entire order management and fulfillment process can be automated from booking to billing, freeing your team from basic administrative tasks and giving them the time – and the data – they need to close more deals, faster.

Sell Across Every Channel & Create Cross-Channel Packages
Marketing Services
With Adpoint OMS, you can...
  • Improve productivity for sales and delivery teams
  • Optimize sales processes to increase revenue
  • Easily configure settings to meet your unique needs
Ready to Go from Day One

Setting up Adpoint OMS takes minutes, not months. Designed to take the stress out the booking process, Adpoint both guides and automates the selection process to make it fast and highly efficient, whatever the channel. It’s entirely self-configurable so you can set up, expand on or amend everything within the system, from your product catalog to your custom discount structures.

Adjust Any of the Following:

  • Customers & agencies
  • Basic prices
  • Discounts & extras
  • Networks, editions & stations
  • Ad sizes
  • Multimedia packages
  • Approval workflows
  • Stationery (proposals, insertion orders & invoices)
No More Painful Delays

Sales quotes can be converted to orders quickly and simply thanks to the support of Adpoint CRM, which boasts a range of guided sales and rapid quote tools. You can check, reserve and book inventory in real-time, which eliminates unnecessary delays and lost sales windows. And by using the only system in the market built from the ground up to support the full range of omnichannel sales, you can book as many channels as you want in a single order creation. Each OMS channel is tailormade to capture every required detail for that channel and seamlessly execute the order, with no fuss and no cumbersome system switching.

Streamline Your Booking Process With:

  • Instant inventory checks
  • Guided selling
  • Multi-channel ordering
  • Digital, print & radio reservations
  • Scheduled payments
  • Automatic discount calculations
  • Form customization
  • Order confirmation & e-dispatch
Quick Approvals

Our in-built workflow engine ensures smooth and speedy sign-off and order progression. The system will notify the right people when approval is required for in-depth, multi-tiered discounts, and will automatically progress the order when this has been received. Staff can see straight away whether a deal has been approved, is pending approval, or has been rejected. Adpoint also takes the admin out of the checking process, intelligently collating every approval and confirming every element to ensure your team has everything they need.

Automate Approvals for:

  • Financial workflows - including discounts, pre-payment, credit and pricing
  • Production & fulfillment - including inventory and materials
  • Sales - including sales type, barter check, net price per page and according to market segment
Seamless Fulfillment

Acting as a central hub for all fullfilment needs, Adpoint co-ordinates seamlessly with your product, planning and delivery systems. Take a look at our app market for information on our integrations. The system will track progress and status against soft and hard deadlines, ensuring timely order delivery and managing adjustments or optimizations as they arise. You then can access a full suite of operational reports via 360 Analytics, our dedicated reporting suite.

Speed Up Order Fulfillment With:

  • Seamless integration capabilities
  • Order and line item tracking
  • 1st and 3rd party data delivery
  • Digital revisions & optimizations
  • Post-booking, pre-billing adjustments
  • Full campaign reporting
  • Inventory sell-through rates
  • 360 business overviews
Adpoint OMS is Just One Part of Our Unique End-to-End Solution.

See how all four modules of our media sales solution work together to optimize your company’s performance and grow your advertising revenue.

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