Adpoint: All-in-One Media Sales Management

    Lineup created a new standard for software in the media industry by developing Adpoint, a cloud-based media sales solution that doesn’t require a complex IT infrastructure to deploy and maintain.


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    Four Systems in One

    Reduce total cost of ownership and increase efficiency by combining four critical systems into one platform through Adpoint.
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    Every company wants to increase sales whilst decreasing the cost of sales. It’s a winning formula, and it’s surprisingly easy to implement with Adpoint. Our system supports a more joined-up sales strategy that will help you save time and earn more revenue.

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    Adpoint offers advanced order management functionality that’s fully relevant for media companies. Our best-in-class OMS automates and optimizes the sales delivery process for quicker approvals and seamless fulfillment. Faster, more efficient publisher operations will lead to happier advertisers. And we all know that a higher customer satisfaction rate equals a longer lifetime value.

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    Say goodbye to channel-by-channel invoicing. Adpoint can bill for orders from all media streams to reduce troublesome admin and avoid unnecessary disputes. Alongside its Accounts Receivable functionality, our advanced finance solution provides intelligent GL account coding and also integrates faultlessly with 360 Analytics to provide management with powerful insights into the company's financial performance.

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    The media intelligence offered by Adpoint is unbelievably powerful. This tool allows you to pull in data from all business departments – and third-party tools, if needs be – for a 360-degree view of your sales, operations, and finances. And if you need help putting together custom reports, Adpoint’s development team will be happy to step in and assist.

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    Schedule a discovery call with us to get started. We'll get to know your business so we can understand your needs and show you everything Adpoint can do to save you time and increase revenue.
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    Our Adpoint Plus program offers optional extras for customers that complement Adpoint’s core end-to-end advertising sales and management functionality.

    Adpoint-for-salesforceCombine the power of Salesforce CRM with the end-to-end, multi-channel sales and order management of Adpoint. As an official Salesforce ISV partner, Lineup Systems has developed Adpoint for Salesforce to offer media businesses a complete solution for advertising sales management, from initial lead generation to order and final billing, within a single interface.

    • Ready-to-go SaaS solution, with no custom development
    • Proven deployment in leading media groups
    • A consistent user experience throughout the advertising sales process
    • Real-time, bi-directional synchronization for seamless operation
    • Multi-channel – digital, print, broadcast, events and outdoor advertising
    • Consistent reporting of all aspects of the media sales and booking operation
    • Agile – updates every 6-8 weeks to help you leverage the latest media trends

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    Adpoint-econnectOrder confirmations, invoices, credit notes, statements of account, e-tearsheets – advertising sales involves generating and issuing a lot of paperwork.

    Adpoint e-Connect makes it easy, offering a single, seamless mail server for automated dispatch of all your important customer documents. It's quick to set up, it's reliable and it can help finalize bookings and achieve faster payment.

    • One single and seamless mail server for automated dispatch of all Adpoint order management documents
    • Fast and simple deployment and configuration – we can get you up and running in just 2 days
    • Reliable and efficient – we take all the hassle out of ongoing support and return mail handling

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    Book an order, build the content, and process payment with no rekeying data and no operational management required at any stage in the process.

    Ad2order, Adpoint’s self-service portal, provides media companies with the freedom to focus on generating new revenue from larger ad campaigns while simpler campaigns are booked by advertisers directly. Ad2order provides advertisers with templates, ad customization, automated layout resizing, order upgrades, and flexible package ordering. Advertisers using the solution have real-time access to account information and discounts. Additionally, media companies can easily customize Adpoint Self-Service to reflect their brand.

    • An intuitive booking process that includes access to real-time account information
    • Supports private advertisers, trade customers, and agencies
    • A quick and easy-to-maintain open-source portal interface
    • Offers flexible and customizable discount structures
    • Easily integrates with credit card and payment gateways
    • Provides user-friendly performance and trend reports
    • Requires no IT overhead

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    A  multi-channel ad booking platform that enables agencies to book publisher inventory in real-time.

    Linked to Adpoint - and only available to those with an Adpoint license - this innovative platform encourages faster collaborations between publishers, advertising agencies and their buyers by enabling media purchases to be made in real-time from live inventories. With Marketplace, agencies can book ads directly from multiple publishers, with no need to migrate to another platform.

    • Manage agencies and their customers in one place
    • View all media orders from one platform
    • Set dynamic pricing models to encourage higher sales when demand is typically lower 
    • Allows you to partner with multiple publishers to become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for agencies
    • Fully integrated into Adpoint OMS for instant and automated booking

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    adpoint-digital-e-signaturesCollect signatures for proposals, contracts, and invoices digitally, so doing business is easy for you and your customers.

    This latest innovation from Adpoint enables ​fast digital document signage between ​publishers and advertisers. ​​Gone are the days of scanning and uploading ​order documents manually. When you’re ready​ to close a deal, Adpoint will automatically ​send the IO to the customer, and they will ​be able to sign off the order digitally using ​pre-enabled fonts and texts or via a stylus.

    • Adpoint will automatically email the customer for ​ signature with the IO, capture it when signed, and let you know when the order has been confirmed
    • The entire process is automated. ​ You won’t need to re-key, scan documents or ​ chase your sales ​ team for an update
    • This reliable and efficient tool takes all the hassle ​ out of return mail handling – plus, it provides you with indisputable proof of delivery
    • Fast collections and ​ easy document sharing ​ features enable you to finalize bookings faster ​ – and get paid quicker​

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    10 tasks you can automate with Adpoint WorkflowAdpoint Workflow simplifies complex advertising workflows for media companies selling multi-media advertising by systemizing and mapping their order-to-billing business processes, reducing order processing times and increasing operational efficiencies.

    The solution automates redundant, manual tasks based on pre-defined standard operating procedures (SOPs) enabling media companies to quickly and accurately process orders. It also automatically applies rules and transitions to orders that do not require manual intervention, allowing advertising sales teams to focus on managing orders that are complex or custom, which typically generate more revenue.

    • Automate order processing
    • Improve customer service and response times
    • Identify and eliminate redundant, manual processes associated with the same task
    • Increase team collaboration by automating SOPs
    • Deliver order accuracy through error elimination
    • Achieve consistent outcomes on repetitive tasks
    • Process orders faster and more cost effectively with automated transitions

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    adpoint-academy-lineupOur training courses are offered in person and online, making it easy to get your team up to speed on all things Adpoint.

    Hosted on the Lineup Community Portal, Adpoint Academy showcases an array of courses that are available to our customers. Browse our range of courses (created with your business growth and performance in mind) and see how this learning tool can help you today.

    • Focused courses to help you 'remind, recap, and refresh' your Adpoint knowledge
    • Learn functionality or business best-practices to help you get the most out of Adpoint
    • "Train the trainers" approach ensures your team is ready to train new employees as needed
    • Adpoint Academy eLearning courses available to customers now!

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    As the world’s #1 media sales solution, Adpoint has integrated or partnered with every major publishing system and fits seamlessly into your IT ecosystem. We're adding new integrations all the time, releasing updates every six weeks. With a full set of APIs at the ready (including SOAP and REST), plugin/widget architecture, and plenty of development resources available for support, working on an integration with us is a breeze.

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    Adpoint Services

    Our services team is ready to help make your Adpoint experience even better. Project customization, implementation and support are available to all Adpoint customers.
    • Tailored and mapped to your exact business needs workflows
    • Hassle-free system deployment and development
    • Optimized IT infrastructure and server costs
    • Elimination of in-house support and development needs
    • No legacy system maintenance and upgrade costs
    • Community pooling model to leverage industry best practice
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