Adpoint: All-in-One Media Sales Management

Lineup created a new standard for software in the media industry by developing Adpoint, a cloud-based media sales solution that doesn’t require a complex IT infrastructure to deploy and maintain.
Multi-Channel Sales
Drive Sales Growth
Improve Business Performance
Simplify IT Infrastructure
Adpoint for Sales Managers Improve your sales performance with a CRM built specifically for media companies.

Every company wants to increase sales whilst decreasing the cost of sales. It’s a winning formula, and it’s surprisingly easy to implement with Adpoint. Our system supports a more joined-up sales strategy that will help you save time and earn more revenue.

With Adpoint CRM, You Can:

  • Speed up the sales process with in-built automation
  • Unlock new opportunities with our Lead Generator
  • Adapt your sales models with full CPQ functionality
  • Deliver great-looking documents with our Proposal Builder
  • Connect your mobile sales force with Adpoint Go
Adpoint for Account Managers Sharpen your operational efficiency with Adpoint OMS

Adpoint offers advanced order management functionality that’s fully relevant for media companies. Our best-in-class OMS automates and optimizes the sales delivery process for quicker approvals and seamless fulfillment. Faster, more efficient publisher operations will lead to happier advertisers. And we all know that a higher customer satisfaction rate equals a longer lifetime value.

With Adpoint OMS, You Can:

  • Arrange multi-channel orders, all from the same place
  • Check, reserve and book inventory in real-time
  • See and manage all customer orders and interactions from one place
  • Automate approvals for sales, production and fulfillment
  • Integrate the solution with existing product, planning and delivery systems
Adpoint for Finance Teams Simplify billing and collections with Adpoint Finance

Say goodbye to channel-by-channel invoicing. Adpoint can bill for orders from all media streams to reduce troublesome admin and avoid unnecessary disputes. Alongside its advanced Accounts Receivable functionality, our cash management solution also integrates faultlessly with 360 Analytics to provide management with powerful insights into the company’s financial performance.

With Adpoint Finance, You Can:

  • Tailor your invoices for a better customer experience
  • Send and schedule bills via e-dispatch
  • Minimize mismatched entries thanks to automatic revenue recognition
  • Resolve payment disputes faster to reduce bad debt ratios
  • Access all revenue and sales performance data
Adpoint for Senior Management Boost your business intelligence with 360 Analytics

The media intelligence offered by Adpoint is unbelievably powerful. This tool allows you to pull in data from all business departments – and third-party tools, if needs be – for a 360-degree view of your sales, operations, and finances. And if you need help putting together custom reports, Adpoint’s development team will be happy to step in and assist.

With Adpoint's 360 Analytics, You Can:

  • Oversee the sales ROI from across your whole organization
  • Identify crucial buying trends
  • Develop your own reports using intuitive ‘drag and drop’ functionality
  • Create and distribute personalized reports for key people
  • Import data from third party SQL data sets and sources

“What attracted us to Lineup Systems was that it's both a provider of solutions and an integrator of other solutions,” said Dennis Sheely, SMI Classified Advertising Director and Project Leader for the Adpoint installation. “We really liked the adaptability this offered. We needed something that could integrate easily with our broader publishing IT eco-system and that offered a single interface solution for employees.”

Dennis Sheely Classified Advertising Director, Sonoma Media Investments

“We chose Adpoint because it’s a fluid solution with a pure-web interface capable of running on any browser or any device. Having Lineup as a partner going forward will ensure the Post-Gazette will have access to the best technology."

Joe Cronin Senior IT Manager, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“The most refreshing thing is the way [Lineup] listens. You always ask: What are we looking at next? What are our frustrations? What are we trying to achieve? You always keep us in the loop with updates. I’m seeing new technologies that are going to be very, very beneficial to us. We are a business that works extremely agile. We can work anywhere, in any location. Knowing that Lineup is on the front foot with those technologies is very refreshing.”

Mark McCartney Commercial Operations Director, TI Media

“Our major challenge was how to create consistent billing and financial reporting across our network without having to replace the entire existing infrastructure.”, “At the core of our project strategy was the creation of a standardized, consolidated and auditable order to billing solution delivering accurate and timely data within one single platform.”

Mark Cole Director, Governance & Business Alignment, Gannett

"The partnership with Lineup has been transformative for us, freeing up so much time and significantly reducing our operational complexity. The agility the Lineup platform provides for the future is a real game-changer for Gannett."

Rick Baker VP/Technology, Commerce Solutions

"With Adpoint’s Lead Generator you can find a bit of gold, the kind that translates into leads that turn into closed business."

Wilf Maunoir Marketing & Research Director, Metro US
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