Welcome to the Future of Media Sales Reporting

    Powered by Adpoint, 360 Analytics connects all sales, customers and ordermanagement data across multiple sales channels within a single system.

    This is the only media analytics software with the power to transform operations across every part of your business. It’s designed to help your media company become slicker, quicker and far more connected – and it gives all departments the information they need to make better decisions.

    It may be the most comprehensive media intelligence tool on the global market, but its intuitive design ensures that 360 Analytics is a joy to work with, regardless of the part you play in the sales cycle.



    The Only All-in-One Analytics Suite for Media Sales Companies

    Existing systems may give you partial visibility over various data streams, but 360 Analytics can give you the complete picture across your entire multi-channel sales organisation in one reporting solution.

    Gone are the days of pulling in conflicting subsets of data from many different applications. This tool combines information from all advertising channels with your choice of third-party data to provide powerful insights into customer behaviour, product performance, channel effectiveness and company finances.

    Powerful Features Make our BI Tool a Pleasure to Use

    Pre-defined data sets allow report-building, and the platform’s ‘drag and drop’ functionality ensures it’s wonderfully easy to operate.

    Data is presented clearly and according to your preferences, with the option to export all information to XLS or CSV.

    Bespoke dashboards can be created for ongoing tracking. This way, you’ll only be presented with the reports you need, not the reports we want to give you.

    The software has the capabilities to create, then distribute, personally branded reports to multiple users in a choice of formats.

    The system can search through and return large quantities of data with no time-outs or impact on the server.

    360 Analytics stitches together information from different SQL data sets and sources, then displays it all in one place.

    New reports can be created quickly and easily by your own developers, or you can ask Adpoint’s team to custom-build to your requirements.

    360 Analytics will run automated tests after deployment to identify errors in the developed reports and highlight any bad data.