A CRM Designed for Faster, More Effective Media Selling

    Boost sales. Uncover new opportunities. Speed up the sales process. It’s all possible with Adpoint CRM.

    Made for media companies by media experts, Adpoint’s best-in-class CRM platform delivers the most comprehensive tools and support in the market for your salespeople and provides management with actionable intelligence to improve team performance and increase sales.

    It’s fast to deploy and fully functional from day one. And because it’s a Lineup SaaS solution, it’s supported by a program of continuous system innovation that ensures the system and your sales approaches remains agile and current in our fast-paced media world.

    A Suite of Tools Designed to Drive Sales

    Adpoint CRM provides you with everything you need to achieve unprecedented business growth.

    Thanks to its unique, media-specific functionality, this industry-leading tool opens up a world of sales opportunities beyond the day-to-day.

    The system’s in-built Lead Generator tool helps you identify which segments are underperforming, which prospects have been forgotten and which premium positions are unsold; it’s by your side 24/7 to make sure none of your precious leads have the chance to slip into obscurity.

    The platform’s intuitive dashboards ensure key conversion and performance data is visible to every member of your sales team, and your field staff can even close deals while they’re out and about thanks to our mobile-responsive app, Adpoint Go.

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    Why Adpoint CRM?

    - Discover new sales and upsell opportunities
    - Sales automation for less admin and faster selling
    - Customize your experience so it evolves with your team
    - Sales boards and social tools encourage quick collaboration
    - Manage client relationships more effectively
    - Accessibility on the move from anywhere, from any device
     - Analyse trends and identify pain points to keep business on track

    Sales Automation for Fast and Efficient Selling

    As part of the Adpoint SaaS solution for end-to-end advertising sales and order management, Adpoint CRM handles today’s complex media sell with ease and efficiency. From first lead contact through to final billing, our system diligently reduces unnecessary admin and improves sales effectiveness at every step of the sales process.

    With the most advanced multi-channel OMS system behind it, multi-channel sales or bundled packages can be crafted with speed and ease. Inventory can be checked instantly, great looking quotes can be generated at a click of a button, and orders can be confirmed and fulfilled automatically – with no rekeying and no errors. These are just a few of the impressive tools and features of Adpoint’s CRM solution that have transformed the sales capabilities of countless media companies worldwide.

    What’s more, Adpoint provides your salespeople with access to transparent order status and performance data, giving them full control of the entire campaign.


    Features Designed to Enhance Sales and Expand Opportunities

    When it comes to identifying new sales opportunities, our unique suite of features will leave no stone unturned. Using Adpoint CRM, you can identify customer upsell opportunities, in-market buyers and forgotten prospects for fast and efficient lead conversions.

    Benefit from a seamless configuration, pricing and quote workflow that can be adapted to suit any sales model and approach, however complex. Adpoint CRM will automatically adjust your quotes to reflect the correct pricing and relevant customer/order discount model.

    You can now manage opportunities and access customer data from any device and from any location. Adpoint’s sales app provides access to all customer information, including orders, opportunities and locations. Your sales managers can also view discount information and approve ads while they’re out in the field.

    Boasting the most advanced multi-channel order management solution in the market, Adpoint helps sales departments navigate complicated multimedia quotes and orders with ease. Pre-set packages will guide your sales teams to the best offering and price, and enable them to instantly tailor the order to the customer’s requirements and timescales.

    Forget going back and forth between salespeople! Adpoint offers a fully integrated OMS engine that enables sales staff to view and check the available inventory, then provisionally reserve and confirm quotes and orders with customers. You can convert ad sales orders from quotes to order confirmations in an instant, then book them in using Adpoint’s OMS. There’s no rekeying – and, crucially, no miscommunication.

    The in-built Proposal Builder tool automates quote creation to deliver great-looking proposals in seconds. You can upload and set up proposal templates with ease – and with the click of a button, you can populate each pitch with automatic quote data. Adpoint’s additional Digital Signature service will dispatch all relevant documents for fast signature collection, too.

    With our in-built, multi-faceted business intelligence tool, we provide companies like yours with the best media sales intelligence in the market to help you maximise your revenue potential. Features include instant dashboard report creation; full reporting capabilities on individual, team or company-wide ad sales performance; and scheduled report creation and dispatch. For more information, see our 360 Analytics section here.

    Adpoint will equip you with every possible tool to help you drive sales and boost revenue. From automating agency bookings to encouraging collaboration via integrated social networking tools, our self-service suite covers all bases. We couldn’t possibly list all of Adpoint’s innovative self-service features here – but if you’d like to learn more, we’re always at the end of the phone.