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    Audience monetization for media

    Today's world demands a monetization strategy that continually feeds itself. To create one, you need technology that enables a true 'test and learn' approach.

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    Subscription Management Software

    Amplio identifies new ways to grow subscription revenue from day one. Craft products and offers in just a few clicks, gain visibility of your revenue forecast, and find new ways to monetize your audience. 

    Single Customer View


    See the history of each user and create powerful, specific audience segments you can target.


    Product Configuration 


    Configure products and packages in just a few clicks, no coding required.


    Nurture Workflows


    Prep email nurture campaigns with a drag-and-drop interface and intuitive decision trees.


    User Management


    Manage visitors, registered users, and subscribers in one place.



    Subscription Billing


    Handle all subscription billing, revenue reporting and more in one place.



    Self-Service Portal 


    Add on a portal for your subscribers to manage their accounts directly.



    See What Amplio Can Do For Your Organization


    Schedule a discovery call with us to get started. We'll get to know your business so we can understand your needs and show you everything Amplio can do to boost your subscription monetization strategy.



    A Seamless Subscription Ecosystem

    The API backbone of Amplio means integrations are easy, whether you use one of our partner systems or already have your favorite,  we can help you build the perfect tech stack for subscription management.



    Marketing Automation


    On launch, Amplio is ready to integrate with your favorite marketing automation platform. Create drag-and-drop nurture campaigns within Amplio that automatically connect with your marketing system.



    DMP & Data Sources Sync


    Bring your user analytics, DMP or other data sources into Amplio with ease. Use our Single Customer View to action the data points across all your tools and systems with a bi-directional data integration.





    Integrate with your favorite paywall provider for a seamless subscription management experience. We recommend Zephr (available immediately) to increase the efficacy of your entire subscription strategy.


    Built for a Speedy Return on Investment

    Technology changes are most successful when the return on investment is clear, quick and documented. We've worked with dozens of the world's largest media organizations to reduce TCO  and improve efficiency, and built Amplio with your ROI in mind.

    amplio ROI
    • Slash your total cost of ownership by reducing your required number of systems.

    • Grow recurring revenue by optimizing your subscription funnels and coordinating with your advertising sales team.

    • Reduce or eliminate development and testing costs.

    • Integrate with core systems (paywall, DMP, marketing) out-of-the-box for efficiency gains on day one.

    • Eliminate IT time spent on product and package configuration.

    • Close the gap between idea and implementation to action revenue opportunities faster.


    Understand Customer Lifetime Value

    With Amplio's Single Customer View, you can see users' history with your publication, build propensity models, and group like users together to build specific, actionable audiences.

    • Create special offers for highly engaged users
    • Target registered users to convert them to subscribers
    • Increase time spent on your site with targeted content
    • Identify returning visitors and nurture toward registration
    • Capture registered users' attention with personalized content 
    • Flag subscribers at risk for churn, and draw them back in
    • Preempt subscription renewals with personalized offers
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    Configure Products Faster Than Ever

    A powerfully simple UI means marketing and audience teams can finally build products without IT support, closing the gap between idea and execution.

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    • Build products with multiple features and separate pricing 
    • Combine features into targeted packages and offers, based on consumer behavior triggers
    • Flexibly manage pricing at the feature level or override at the offer level
    • Update products, features and packages dynamically - no need to manually update customers


    Real-Time Billing, Revenue Recognition & Reporting

    Amplio is built with media companies in mind, with recurring revenue features tailor-made to handle every subscription scenario.

    • Revenue recognition for Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly packages
    • Drill down in each report to the individual consumer or package
    • Interface G/L records to external finances systems
    • Set discounts at the package creation step
    • Assign multiple currencies to a product
    • Create and price upsells on the fly
    • Accept Apple Pay, Credit Card, ACH, and Cash
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    Nurture Every Subscriber Toward Maximum Value

    Nurture workflows are easy to build with Amplio's drag-and-drop interface. With your favorite marketing automation system integrated, convert more subscribers easily.

    Amplio Nurture Workflow Graphic
    • Build offers for specific customer segments using matched data sources
    • Run automated tasks to engage customers throughout their lifecycle
    • Create smart workflows that run continuously to help monetize every reader


    Self-Service Portal for Your Subscribers

    Allow your subscribers to manage their subscription, receive personalized offers, and bundle features all from one convenient portal.

    • White-labeled to fit your publications' branding
    • Available online 24/7 for your subscribers
    • Collect payments easily 
    • Seamless data sync with Amplio in real-time
    • Add-ons available for enterprise accounts
    • APIs for all capabilities - build into your own customer portal
    Amplio Self Service Graphic

    Support a Combined Revenue Strategy

    Amplio was built with your greatest challenges in mind. Through hands-on steering committees, direct feedback, and thorough research, we've built this platform for you.

    We worked with NAPCO Research and Adweek to ask over a hundred senior media executives about their biggest challenges and future plans for tackling them. This research revealed key insights into how media organizations are preparing for the future despite an uncertain climate. If you're ready to learn more about optimizing your revenue mix, this report will reveal:

    • Publishers’ current breakdown of subscription revenue vs. advertising revenue 
    • The degree to which the industry is moving towards subscription-based or advertising-based revenue models 
    • Challenges publishers are facing in shifting revenue models 
    • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on publishers’ revenue models