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Is the Google Antitrust Probe a Sales Opportunity for Publishers?

The relationship between Google and news media publishers has historically been symbiotic: publishers allow Google to aggregate their content for free and in exchange, Google

17 September 2019
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4 Tips to Start Growing Revenue by Selling Marketing Services

Becoming a master of diversification as a publisher has become absolutely necessary for future-proofing growth and outpacing the competition. In ‘5 Strategies Leading Media Companies

11 September 2019
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Quality Data and an Audience-Based Selling Approach

The two most influential data events of 2018 were the introduction of the GDPR and the Facebook/Cambridge Analytics data scandal.    In late 2015, EU administrators began to actively target data

3 September 2019
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5 Strategies Media Companies Are Using to Drive Digital Revenue

  Between industry blogs, podcasts, and vendor outreach, there is no shortage of content highlighting the latest digital trends. But which trends have been proven

26 August 2019
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Free Digital Advertising Glossary to Print, Search & Save

As digital advertising continues to rapidly evolve, so does the vocabulary. Even the most interested among us can have a hard time keeping up. Whether

21 August 2019
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10 Digital Advertising Trends to Look for in 2019

Every year, advertisers predict the hottest trends that will dominate the industry in the months to come. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, it’s no

21 January 2019
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News UK and Lineup Systems share stage at INMA Advertising Ideas

News UK’s Business Services Director Steve Bottomley has shared a speaking platform with Lineup’s CEO Michael Mendoza on the intricacies of programmatic advertising at the

25 April 2015
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Lineup Systems and AdJuster Join Forces to Provide Delivery Data

Lineup Systems and Ad-Juster Join Forces to Provide Actual Delivery Data Lineup Systems innovates as fast as the media market evolves. Our media clients can

10 December 2014
23 September INMA Media Innovation Week Hamburg, Germany
26 September Annual Global User Conference 2019 Banking Hall, London, UK
02 October Webinar Wednesday - Release 12.9 Webinar
03 October NNA’s 133rd Annual Convention and Trade Show Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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