398 Min Read
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How to Identify the Trends that will Impact Your Advertisers Most

Advertising performance across industries has been affected by COVID-19, as often happens in the wake of significant global events. Ad conversion rates have dropped by

16 June 2020
588 5 Min Read
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3 Ways to Protect Morale While Working From Home

It looks like we’ll be working from home for some time to come – and chances are, you are too! At Lineup, we’ve found many

26 May 2020
846 14 Min Read
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Can You Really “Future-Proof” a Media Business?

Whether you’ve scratched your head at the phrase “future-proof” or you use it regularly in conversation, the concept is simple. Future-proofing refers to cultivating strategies

30 April 2020
1000 7 Min Read
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5 Ways to Re-purpose the Same Journalism to Diversify Revenue

This post was originally shared on Digital Content Next.  As multi-channel has given way to omnichannel distribution, publishers no longer seek print readers or digital

14 April 2020
5326 5 Min Read
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25 Fun Ideas for Your Next ‘Virtual Coffee Break’

Like most of you, we’ve temporarily closed our global offices and our staff is working from home. The shift to remote work hasn’t slowed us down, but we

31 March 2020
528 9 Min Read
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Can it Be Automated? Evaluate Your To-Dos with This Checklist

  Looking to save time, but not sure if a task on your “to-do” list could be automated? Adpoint’s Workflow plugin is designed to cut down on tedious

5 March 2020
784 13 Min Read
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Digital Signatures: Yes, They’re Legal, and You Should Be Using Them

Have you ever “signed” a PDF with a picture of your signature and wondered, “Is this legal?” Or maybe you aim for the strictest compliance,

18 February 2020
671 7 Min Read
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7 Reasons You Need to Appoint an Adoption Manager

In this new decade, technology will continue to change the way companies across all sectors do business—at an increasingly rapid rate. Technology spend is on

6 February 2020
644 13 Min Read
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7 Questions to Ask End Users Before Choosing a New Software System

In the last few decades, media organizations have experienced an unprecedented period of upheaval in which they have had to hugely adapt their selling practices.

29 January 2020
705 7 Min Read
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Having Trouble With Your RFP? Try This Template

When the time comes to replace one or more software solutions in your tech stack, the process of getting your entire organization together to confirm

23 January 2020
05 August LMA Digital Summit 2020
17 September WAN-IFRA 72nd World News Media Congress
28 September NAC 2020 Conference
14 December AdMonsters Ops Conference 2020

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